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What is 3GN

3 Gun Nation Shooting is a multifaceted shooting sport in which competitors compete with Semi Auto Rifles, Shotguns & pistols.


Bringing 3GN to your doorstep

3GN SA was born out of a need to get the sport locally. Our firearm laws are a bit different than in the USA and thus we need a local body to handle these requirements and administration.


We've got you covered

Thanks to our partnership with SAPSA (South African Practical Shooting Association) we now offer our members DSS.

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Compete directly against your heroes

By joining 3GN USA your scores get uploaded to 3GN.COM. This allows you to compete directly with the guys in the USA on the leader boards from the comfort of your local club. If you do well enough this can even get you an invite to compete in the 3GN Nationals in the USA, representing South Africa with full colours.

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Getting the right gear for the right divisions

In South Africa we mainly compete in the "Club Series" matches. The only exception is the Nationals and the Shoot Offs. For these events we follow the "Regional" rules.

So please keep in mind which firearms/gear will serve you well in both. PCC (Pistol Calibre Carbine) and the 22 Divisions are only for Club Series matches. Don't say you were not warned.


Come with what you have. As you get into the sport you'll know better what you need.

Most gear (caddies, mag pouches, belts) are very universal but firearm choices are important. Here are the divisions shot in 3GN SA. Click on each to get a quick run overview of each.