our history

It started out as DMG and then the internet happened

2012 - Craig Gerstner was spearheading the development of DMG at False Bay and grew a bit of a following. However having started his shooting career in IPSC he was lacking the flow with the current setup. To apply pistol-centric rules on long guns just didn't work. Luckily he stumbled upon the 3 Gun Nation website and started to test the water on the stages after DMG matches. It started with 3 or 4 guys but it quickly grew. Each time more guys would stay and bring another friend along.

Knowing that guys spent their ammo for no reason, no attendance points, no medals or positions, they still kept coming back for more. We knew we've stumbled onto something special. These little after the shoot 3GN sessions soon became more popular than the official match of the day. Soon members of both IDPA and IPSC were shooting 3GN shoots. IDPA guys enjoying the freedom of movement and stage planning and the IPSC enjoying the transition of firearms in one stage.

It continued to grow and the relationship was forged between 3GN in the USA and the shooters that enjoyed the sport locally. Rule clarifications and other discussions growing the two continents closer together.

It continued in this informal way till early 2015 when there was a clear need to officially get a governing body up and running to properly promote the sport of 3 Gun Nation in South Africa and to help the members of this organisation gain their licenses to compete in the event. South Africa having very strict firearm laws and unless the members belong to an accredited shooting body will not be allowed to license firearms needed to shoot the sport.

2015 - 3GN SA is formed. The first ever SA Nationals held and was well supported by the shooting industry and various other sponsors. Members being invited to the 3GN Nationals in the USA. Paul Henkel taking the opportunity to go and represent South Africa in this event.

2016 - 3GN SA partnered up with SAPSA (South African Practical Shooting Association) in order to offer its members DSS (Dedicated Sport Status)


  • Speed

    You'll be hard pressed to find a sport that is faster

  • Shoot your way

    Do your planning based on your gear (capacity etc.) and skills.

  • Loads of options

    With various targets being allowed to be shot with various firearms you can really shoot the same stage in so many different ways.

  • Dedicated Sport Status

    With membership of both SAPSA and 3GN SA gain DSS based on attendance.